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While reading this poem, you are absorbed in its beautiful depictions, which may take you out from reality for a while. In this unique poem, the poet tells about his childhood memories, when the whole family gathered in the evenings. When the day gradually turns into evening the atmosphere of melancholy rises as well. The whole family is waiting for grandpa, the head of the family.

Anthology of Armenian Poetry

The talented poet describes this traditional Armenian ritual in such a delicate way, that the reader imaginarily travels to those times. Reading this poem is highly recommended! The English translation is by Lusine and Alfred Mueller.

His deep philosophical poems are filled with blood and sorrow. What else could he write about after seeing all those dreadful scenes and injustice? Reading the translated version in English is much more light then the original Western Armenian version. Here we go! Even from the first words we can notice that there is so much warm and sunny association with Armenia.

Bright and sunny: This is exactly how Armenians see their motherland.

Armenian poetry

The poet says that he loves everything in his country, even the unwelcoming huts, which are lost in the dark. Translation is by Shant Norashkharian. A perfect piece for rainy mood: Melancholy is the distinctive feature of Vahan Terian in Armenian poetry. Being accompanied with mystical style, which is typical to Terian emphasizes the uniqueness of this poem.

The poem contains not only deep meaning in it, but is also very beautiful one. The poem is translated by Diana Der Hovanessian. Paruyr Sevak is one of the giants in Armenian poetry.

Today is All-Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan’s birthday

He is widely known and loved. His topics are mainly about love. He says that love always comes unexpectedly and compares it with colossus of a ship approaching the low-hanging bridges of the river. The poem is rich with unique comparisons and deep philosophical thoughts. Speaking with God from the Depth of the Heart. Read the poem online.

Previously untranslated poetry from 20th century Armenian poets

Love Song. To Love. In the Armenian Mountains.

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Day Turned Dark. The Longing Letter. Next, please read these related posts. He is the leader of the new generation of Eastern Armenian poetry of the 20th century. Find his poems here and know Armenian […] Posted in Armenian People - about population and person September 14, Hovhannes Tumanyan Introduction with his Poems in English Hovhannes Tumanyan was, without a doubt, one of the greatest, if not, the greatest Armenian poet. Every Armenian loves him and his poems. Khachatur Abovian was an Armenian writer and national public figure of the early 19th century who mysteriously vanished in and eventually presumed dead.

He was an educator, poet and an advocate of modernization.

Poem #2: Sayat-Nova “Love Song”

Reputed as the father of modern Armenian literature, he is best remembered for his novel Wounds of Armenia. Written in and published posthumously in , it was the first novel published in the modern Armenian language using the Eastern Armenian dialect instead of Classical Armenian. Abovian was far ahead of his time and virtually none of his works was published during his lifetime.

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  • Birthplace: Kanaker, Yerevan, Armenia. Missak Manouchian was a French-Armenian poet and communist activist.

    Armenian Poems

    An Armenian Genocide survivor, he moved to France from an orphanage in Lebanon in He was active in communist Armenian literary circles. According to one author, the Manouchian group was the most active group during the French Resistance. He is widely considered a hero of the French Resistance. Paruyr Sevak was an Armenian poet and literary critic. He is considered one of the greatest Armenian poets of the 20th century. Birthplace: Zangakatun, Armenia.