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Buffalo Medical Group

A simulated patient portrays a heroin overdose. A simulated patient is treated after being struck by a motor vehicle.

Role of the ‘patient’

Simulated patients at a nighttime car accident. Today, standardized patients are used in the United States Medical Licensing Examination USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam to test medical students and graduates on their ability to take medical histories, perform physical examinations, and communicate their findings. Smith said. At the University of Kentucky, standardized patients are used to ensure other competencies as well, such as counseling of parents in the case of a pediatric patient or a psychiatric case, Dr.

Hoellein said. As students advance in their training, they are faced with more challenging interactions, Dr. Lewis agreed.

Valuable lessons

Lewis said. Standardized patients are actors in some cases, or sometimes just people with an interest in health care. But all standardized patients need to know their script well and be able to act out the signs or symptoms of certain conditions, Dr.

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They often learn a personal background, history of present illness, relevant medical history, family history, a social history, current medications, and how to respond to certain portions of a physical exam. One of the biggest challenges with standardized patients is ensuring reliability. Although patients are allowed to respond with emotion, they have to respond in relatively the same way to the same questions put forth by every medical student they see, Dr.

In some cases, a mistake made by the standardized patient could jeopardize the intended lesson of the interaction, Dr. For example, one standardized patient was playing the role of someone who had recently developed diabetes, a woman in her 50s who was having trouble sleeping and starting to wake in the night to use the bathroom.

Indiana Adult & Pediatric Medicine

In her social history, the woman had been widowed for two years and was just starting to date again. Waltham — Less than one year after his retirement, Dr. Richard Lopez, a longtime physician executive and clinical leader at Atrius Health, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Massachusetts Medical Society MMS , the statewide professional association for physicians and medical students. The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a member of MMS who has made lasting contributions to the practice of medicine over a lifetime in health care delivery, and who has made a significant impact to patient care, education, administration and the goals of the Society.

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  5. Lopez is known for his humility, sense of humor and gentle disposition, but make no mistake - Dr. Lopez has informed practices and policies that help patients and physicians and has taken the time to pass on his knowledge and his leadership skills to others. You can look at the local health care landscape and see a family tree of leaders who have been influenced by Dr.

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    The insurance basically covers the bills. The insurance company does not assume anything. Having lifetime medical benefits does not mean that you can just go to the doctor whenever you want. The insurance carrier still has to pre-approve everything and they can and will deny anything that they believe does not meet the standard of reasonable, necessary and related t o the workplace injury.

    Texas Health Family Care

    This process slows down medical treatment. You may not get lost wages when you are out of work for surgery — Lifetime medical benefits does not always mean that you are entitled to lost wages. If the doctor takes you out of work for a medical procedure, you may be off of work without pay.

    You may even lose your job if you are out of work too long. This is a case by case situation depending on your Award Orders for lost wages.

    Sadly, this happens more often than you might think. I get calls from people who have surgery 5 years after their injury and are not eligible for lost wages because too much time has lapsed since they last collected lost wages pursuant to an Award Order. This is expensive, time consuming, and delays treatment for injured workers. Like I said earlier, the burden of proof is on you!