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Dave Returns

View full details. Ben Davis Bomber Jacket - Black. Ben Davis Knit Beanie - Black. You recently viewed Clear recently viewed.

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Added to your cart:. Dad was nearly four times the limit driving to McDonalds with his three kids. The amazing thing with running is because there is no eye contact and you are a little bit tired, it is easier to have an open and honest conversation.

There are no boundaries and awkwardness. Ben says regular exercise was a key part of his own recovery, with friend Adam Ebzao dragging him to the gym each day at the height of his depression.

Dave Lewis

But Adam rocked up every day and we went running. Eventually, I stopped drinking and focused on my running. Despite being a keen runner, Ben says the challenge of running almost miles in just 18 days — the equivalent of more than a marathon a day — was an immense one. With Ben trying to stay as close to the border as possible, he was running across moorland in the rain when hill fog came rolling in to make conditions even more treacherous and his wet hands made it almost impossible for him to use his navigation app.

Here's how you and your mates can take on 'It's a Knockout' in Harrogate.

Btw Everton did have an impressive billiards career which is the bedrock of snooker but had to retire through injury. Also his knowledge of the game both factual and technical is unsurpassed. Venue Vitriol is a superb feature. I think it would be very amusing if you were to extend this to snooker clubs or any venue where you can play snooker as, in my experience, almost all of these take a bartering in online reviews and, who knows, in a small way may influence positive change at some of these God-forsaken joints.

I have given the podcast 5 stars as it is very good and I appreciate that it is more a labour of love than a career choice which is admirable and worthy of respect.

Charity runner Ben Dave circumnavigates Yorkshire - BBC News

Keep up the good work but perhaps try to be a little quicker between episodes - is it really that much to ask to give us mins every fortnight? This podcast is fantastic. When I went looking for a snooker podcast, I anticipated only being able to find ones that told me the recent results and predicted the upcoming tournaments, so to find this one was a wonderful surprise. Ben and Dave are both funny, likable, and they have created a light-hearted and interesting show that is a great listen. Keep up the top work! Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 10 More Episodes.