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For reasons probably clear to anyone of a more scientific bent, the sweet and sour flavours of real lemonade seem to hit the spot like nothing else on a hot day. Interestingly, however, Jane Grigson reports in her Fruit Book that, when she was a child, it was a late-winter drink intended to "cleanse the blood" of all that season's stodgy food. The cloudy sort sold under the name of "old-fashioned" lemonade is often just as sugary as its colourless cousin, and the fresh kind is extortionately expensive if you actually want to quench your thirst rather than wet your whistle, making lemonade an ideal candidate for trying at home.

She dissolves two cups of sugar in one cup of hot water, and then stirs in two cups of fresh lemon juice and dilutes it with a gallon of cold water. The results are intensely sweet and sour — nice in small quantities, but not terribly thirst quenching. It finds favour with the most sweet-toothed of my housemates, who screws up his face at every other lemonade of the day: perhaps one for the children.

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The indomitable Constance Spry, first principal of London's Cordon Bleu cookery school and author of what the Observer Food Monthly describes as "one of the greatest cookbooks of all time" , gives an almost equally simple recipe , which involves pouring 1. Slices of lemon and a sprig of mint are added for the final hour of chilling. Despite me checking it assiduously, it's still rather bitter for my taste after 20 minutes — and the lemon doesn't seem to have released any of its juices. Perhaps mashing the diced fruit through the sieve might have yielded better results, but I don't dare second-guess Constance.

Jane's Fruit Book recipe involves infusing water with the peel of three lemons and simmering it gently — "the peel gradually flavours the water quite strongly".

Once cool, I stir in the lemon juice and sugar to taste and chill, then dilute with soda water and serve with a sprig of mint and a slice of cucumber. Although I find a still lemonade more refreshing, the balance of sour and bitter flavours is much better than in the Constance Spry recipe, although perhaps a little muted for my taste. The mint and cucumber provides a distinctive and very British taste of summer which makes this particular lemonade stand out from the rest.

Delia's method also involves infusing hot water with the zest of three lemons and then stirring in the juice of six fruits, along with g sugar. She then leaves it overnight, which, given how rapidly Constance Spry's lemonade turned bitter, makes me anxious, but actually the flavour is very well balanced and my favourite of all the recipes I test. Gary's recipe, in The Complete Rhodes Around Britain , is billed as going well with griddled scones and homemade biscuits, which is endearing — it sounds just the kind of thing to set off a sunny afternoon in a striped deckchair.

In order to shun consumer culture, we have to shun social mores.

Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world

You can dig through dumpsters for perfectly edible food that restaurants and grocery stores have tossed out. Society is weighted against us, too. But when it comes to combating climate change, pollution, and habitat destruction, what we need to do is take the money, time, and effort we spend making these ultimately inconsequential choices and put it toward something that really matters. Beyond making big lifestyle decisions such as choosing to live in a dense urban area with public transportation, cutting red meat out of your diet , and having fewer children or none at all , there are diminishing returns to the energy you put into avoiding plastic or making sure your old AAs end up in the appropriate receptacle.

But the action itself makes no difference. We pat ourselves on the back for making decisions that hush our social guilt instead of placing that same effort in actions that enact real environmental change.

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But there are small switches in our mentality we can take to make a difference. A few suggestions:. On its face, conscious consumerism is a morally righteous, bold movement. So if you really care about the environment, climb on out of your upcycled wooden chair and get yourself to a town hall meeting.

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The "Gyro Drop" is a real amusement park ride, but a popular video of it relies on some imagination. The long-standing claim that Jane Fonda turned smuggled messages from U.

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POWs over to their North Vietnamese captors is false. The cable network issued an apology for a statement made on one of its programs. By most accounts, the protests held by "Extinction Rebellion" have been rather tidy affairs. The Connecticut Democrat admitted making false and misleading claims about his military service record but insisted he had "misspoken. Social media users said restaurants in some locations were refusing to deliver to union halls. The fake story of two undocumented immigrants burglarizing a home and being killed by a little girl with a shotgun is more than a decade old.

A photograph of an elephant carrying a lion cub should need to be real to be considered the "best photo of this century.

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An online image highlights the "paternalistic" treatment some women face when they seek tubal ligations. Two books from the s contain seemingly eerie connections to modern-day politics. In the early s, Allan Warner documented several cases of smallpox and the effects of vaccinations. Do statistics demonstrate that crime rates in Australia have increased substantially since the government instituted a gun buy-back program in ?

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The government has not historically been interested in tracking the wear of citizens' automobile tires. Believe it or not, you can kneel on a football field without protesting something. For nearly a century, people have made the mistake of claiming that a quotation about Lincoln was actually a quotation by him.